When a ruthless priest or Moulana Shaheb will backbite to other religions, from a cozy heated Temple or Mosque.

When a paid priest /or Moulana Shaheb will be crowded by his own disciples, will talk and talk, and eat fancy food and fancy food…

When food will be fancy to fancier,

and fancier and fancier ….

When the whole Temple will be covered by white and white snow,

and white and white snow….

When Kids will be lost in snowboarding and snowboarding; uphill to downhill,

and downhill to uphill…..

When we will intimate mice to our nishes from our lavish life.

When we will give poison to these sheltered mice in our nish and kill them.

When we will burn them in our oven and garbage the burned mice.

When kids will be sinking in snowballing and snowballing,

and snowballing and snowballing……

When this last leftover Roches’ in parliament house will make blueprints’ to kill more people of Aleppo or somewhere.

When they will drink whiskey after whiskey, the parliament will be full of alcohol smiles.

When they will laugh and laugh,

and laugh and laugh …

When their garbage bags will be full of whiskey bottles, in a white house.

When they will put their shoes on the couches and talk and talk,

and talk and talk…

When they will drink and drink and will sink in drinking; and make a plan on how to stay in power…

When corporate Elite will think about how to cheat and fraud corrupt innocent public or how to lobby political people.

When a crazy loved pre-teen will drink hot chocolate inside of a warm car and talk to her boyfriend, talk and talk, will have no idea about the white house.

and talk and talk ….

they will sync in tongue kissing inside the car …

When the whole graveyard will be white, you cannot recognize where your beloved person was buried.

The whole graveyard will be white and white, snow and snow, only one white whole ground,

and white and white snow ….

When only one breadwinning working Mum will wait for the bus with polyethylene wrapped up wet feet on busted shoes, with two bags in her hands with minus twenty degrees Celsius.

When it will be snowing and snowing and snowing and snowing …

When a street tongue kiss will be a miss for crazy lovers.

When they will busy with selfies and selfies.

and selfies and selfies …..

When there will be no food for hungry pigeons’, snow will cover their street food.

Tropical birds will be gone….

Frogs will hibernate……..

Grand Father in the basement will be freeze all night for cold.

Homeless will look for manholes’ hot air.

A jobless youth will use narcotic injection in his left arm in a coffee shop’s heated washroom.

Pushkin will be come back to me, and slap my face and ask, “Why you change the winter “?

I will reply, Pushkin; ‘winter is changed, I did not change it”.

Political Roches’ will continue to look for another Aleppo.

Aleppo after Aleppo

and Aleppo …..

Winter will not come to Aleppo.