Look, at the sky

There is a hole in the Sky!

Who did this and what is the use of it?

Hey! wait !

I find someone,


It’s you, why you make this hole in the sky?

Now the sky will be no use, why you did that?

And who are you? And why you are there? and what you are looking for?

Why you there every night, why you just look and look at us and don’t do nothing?

Why you are not talking? Or doing nothing,

Are you alive or death?

I don’t know who you are also?

But , I know you see me every night.

I am raccoon, may be Canadian, don’t know my ethnicity, because I am here for a very very long time.

My raccoons are hungry now,

Did you see , every night they go for food, one house to another house , one garbage bin to another garbage bin , but there is not food for them,

All the garbage bins are closed, sealed, lock up, there is no way my raccoons will get any garbage as a food.

They stay hungry night after night.

Did you see every night how they struggle for surviving?

Did you see every night they try to find little shelter, but for them there is no shelter?

All the porches or decks are close

All the holes are fixed, sealed, closed or repaired

They do not have any access to any garbage bin

Or any porch for shelter.

Even they are trapped from ravine, so no space for them in ravine also.

They go one place to another place,

There is no food or shelter for them.

My baby raccoons are follows their Mother raccoons

These cars or traffic smash my baby raccoons all the time.

But all of these lands was belongs to my raccoons ……

They live here year after year, may be millions of year

It was there land, but they seized there land.

Now they have no land. No place to live, everything is taken.

Every night they fun to my raccoons, they shoot with different different guns , they kill with big hammer or more and more techniques .

Look so , many techniques they made to kill my raccoons , like air rifle , pellet gun , night vision binocular gun and more ..every day they are creating more and more guns to kill my raccoons .

Even military police shoot for fun to them

My raccoons are blind from  gun shooting

They are invalid

They die every night , here and there

There is no judgment for them , there

Just for food or shelter, they struggle and struggles .

Did you see this, so why you are not talking to me? You want to see this and that’s all ?

So, I don’t need you anymore.

All my raccoons are now hopeless or family less,

They have no place to live!

I cannot thing about their passport, study, health or something.

Are you listing me, Mr. Moon?

Did you see all the writer s writes:-

White mean good,

Or Black mean bad.

So, Simple!

Why not the opposite way?

So, they will not see me, never ever?

If they saw , my raccoons, then they will not be in the street, with homeless or hopeless.

Hey Moon, still you don’t care, still why are not saying anything? Why? What happened?

Hey Moon , wait !

Someone from there , pass me a rope , I need to climb to you and I will drill your head , one side to another side and drug you down to Earth .

You just to see and don’t do nothing .

I will, close this hole with compound, seat it and paint it over with sky color.

So, you will be dis-appear.

So, you don’t see me anymore.

I don’t need you are more.

Ho…pa …., I am here , I did it , same as sky color .

No more , Moon . Uraa !

That’s why people don’t see Moon any more .

– by Reza Sattar