My Rebellion?

Where is My Rebellion?

My Rebellion, where are you, I am waiting for you!

Still, it is after midnight and my daughter has not come home,

Last night, the NYPD brought her to the hospital after she had been brutally beaten and raped by gangs.

I always told her not to sell her body under the Jackson Height Bridges in New York City at late night, it is dangerous, but she did not listen to me and she will not listen to me.

Her Brother Jonathon is sleeping now, on the couch, I cannot go too close to this couch

There has been no hot water for almost a week,

My landlord is not fixing the hot water, then again how can he fix it,

I have not paid rent for the last three months.

My landlord is broke. Beside my house, this multi-million dollar bank Craft Chase Manhattan Bank is chasing him, they will make him a slave for the next thirty years without having their own money.

Jonathon will sleep until 5 or 6 pm; he will not wake up for Breakfast or Lunch.

There is no use for him to wake up; I have a couple of ketchup packets from McDonalds and fungus in my fridge with some empty McDonald’s paper bags.

He is a renowned drug dealer in this neighborhood and he works for a corporation, New York City gives him an unofficial license to sell the drugs, because he is under-age, he is only 14. He works all day and all night as much as possible to be the world-renowned famous Drug Corporation Dealer, wants to be a trillionaire by anyway, expanding business worldwide.

My eldest daughter died last week in St.Elmhurst hospital for AID, no one came for the funeral,

She used to sell her body for money. People called her Hooker or Prostitute. She wanted to be an American idol, a famous singer, like Miley Cyrus.

My youngest son all day takes his inhaler, the New York City Health Department gave him a free inhaler, he cannot breathe, and he is a big drug consumer. All of his friends are drug consumers too, it’s big business. His entire friend circle helps his older brother Jonathon to be a trillionaire.

My wife Sharon, she works all day at the McDonalds Corporation, a multi-million dollar corporation. Feed all of us, so no one stays hungry.

This world-renowned corporation is running my family.

I will not wake her up now, early in the morning before she goes to her job, she has to go to collect food stamps given by the Administration, we vote for him, our beloved President, he keeps me alive.

Wake up my Rebellions, wake up now, waking up and please wake up!

I will burn everything; I will burn the white house, all government buildings, corrupt corporation homes, Parliament house, all corrupt government people, I will burn Wall Street, I will burn the Imperialistic World, All Imperialistic Movements of the world, I will burn Imperialism. There will be fire, fire, and fire everywhere.

NYPD will help me as “Konstantin” helped for Russian October  Revolution, as they help me to bring my daughter home, NYPD is my heart, they will be in my heart all the time, they always help us. Like my brother, Mike works for them, Mike promises me help, he never breaks his promises.

They will break this handcuffs,

Reza Sattar