Poem for Harper


Do not involve in the war in the Middle East!
Do not dip Canadian Flag in our Canadian Blood!
If you dip, then you will sink
Canadian Flag in to “Canadian Blood of Ocean”
Middle East war will be a long journey.
Atleast a journey of 30 years or more.
When all corrupt Political Feudal King of Middle East will disappear.
Stephen-Harper-2All Middle East Feudal Kings are Blood sucker, Head be-header, worst then Corporate Elite, Blood suckers of the World.
When Middle Eastern Feudal king’s Children will come to Europe or America with their stolen money and wealth asking for Asylum.
It will be a long journey Mr . Harpers don’t get involved in the war in the Middle East!
When China will take over the US Empire.
Do not get involved, then Canada will flourish on its own.
When Europe will watch everything as foolishly possible, can do nothing,
When there will be Flood of Blood in the World.
Do not get involved, do not bring this “Flood of Blood to Canada”
Do not rip a single Canadian kid who had the milk from his mother’s breast and bring him back to Canada “as dead or as invalid” from Middle East war.
Then Toronto will drown in Torontonians “Ocean of Blood “.
Please Harper do not involve in the war in the Middle East.
My daughter, she likes her backyard squirrel, they come to her every single day and my little daughter feed them very often, if you involve, then they will not come to her any more.
Then she will be very angry and upset with you, if she will not be able to feed her squirrel any more, she will became fire Breathing Dragon.
Then she will need lots of fire to breath, my tax benefit money will not be enough to buy her enough “Fire“.

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