Tramp’s Twit

Tramp’s Twit

My economy is based on almost 70 % on war.

I have 10 gigantic war machineries industries.

I have 100 of thousands of small industries depend on that big industries.

I have to create war in the world to save my economy.

I create wars in Middle East.

(Killing brother by brother’s and so on…they like to kill each other’s, and

I am looking through my night vision binocular)

I am selling my weapons to Middle East and making money.

I am doing business in Middle East Oil verses Weapons.

I am a businessman.

I made my fortune.

(Easy and Sample).


Reza Sattar ,

Why Russian Army Killed Chechens’?

Why Putin invade Crimean Peninsula ?

Why Bashar al Assad killed his own Syrian people ?

Why India Invade Sikkim , Gua and more territories .. ?

Why Myanmars army Killed Rohingyas?

Why Chinese army killed Uighurs’ ?

Why China invade Tibet and other Territories?

Why Britishers with France Killed native people in America and in North America?

Why Stalin Killed East European people?

Why Britishers gave opium to Chinese?

Why Chinese give opium to Chinese?

Why Arab people kill each other’s?

Why panhandlers fight in the street?

Why you, Reza Sattar here in North America?

All answers will be, one;



Reza Sattar,

I have over 7000 nukes.

I do not care anyone or anything.

I have to sale or use this weapons to develop newer weapons.

I regard that you do not have opportunity to make this billions, what I am making now from Middle East.


Reza Sattar .

Your thinking is under your budget.

My thinking is under my budget.

Everyone goes according to there own budget .

That’s the difference.

All we are in same boat,

boat of Mother Earth .


President Tramp.

Oh , Reza Sorry , I forget to say you something.

We have a solution, that would be ;

One Tramp.

One World .

One Nation .

But even I don’t know how to exercise that .

May be after world war ||| .

(Some worlds are extracted from US Military dictionary, and Reza Sattar reserved copy write of this poem).