Toronto Public Health Board – How it Works | The Reality Behind

Toronto Public Health – How it works:

  1. Health related business owners and their employees are more trained and maintained then the Public Health Government Employees: As a known fact, most of the small business entrepreneurs, especially the health related businesses are owned by people who start their facilities with their own money, education and based on work experience or are trained by experienced bigger franchise.  So they have the right talent, skills and understanding of their business.
  2. Good & Bad employees in Toronto Public Health Department:  There are good and bad people in every industry and similar is the case with the Toronto Public Health Employees. Some employees are good while others are bad.
  3. Toronto Public Health works for media rather than doing the right thing: Toronto Public Health employees including the doctors, inspectors and managers are more interested in documenting an issue to media rather than really looking into helping small businesses and facilities. They focus on one specific issue over and over again and sometimes on only one company, ignoring all the other companies and major other issues. All this to create an exciting story for media. Each time they send their inspectors to any health related facilities, they try to find small non important things and then try to make it a bigger issue. Then they go to their office and write a big essay about that non-important issue so that they can call the Media, give out press releases and more… Like they are doing a project for high school. Their mission seems to knock down small weaker businesses and they go on going to the same company over and over again because it is  easier for them to  write the same story where there is no work involved. Next, they create big protocol and the funny part is that the protocol entails nothings in it.
  4. Making issue for their own purposes : See this example for instance: you are asking your child in your home – Why you put your shoes here? Why you are looking at the window this way? Why you wear this shirt etc., all unnecessary issues and you ignore things like, if your child is eating properly or not?, getting good records in school or not?. So you are off focus from main issue and making issues out of useless issues.
  5. Toronto Public Health selects an “Object “for their project: They create an objective out of nothing to create a story completely off-focus from any real critical issues that any business might be facing.
  6. Example for fake documentation: Let’s say that a customer got her hair cut in a salon and she was not happy with hair cut. She decides to sue the business owner by saying that she got infection, the scissor was not clean enough or other made up useless reasons. Where she was suppose to go and see the doctor for infection, she decides to go to another hair saloon who is a direct competitor to the first saloon bad mouthing about her previous haircut and creating more documentation against the first saloon. Then she makes more complaints to health board making another document, but she never try to do the right thing i.e to go to the doctor and get a checkup for her infection (if any). The reason why she does not go to the doctor is because if the doctor says everything is ok.. then she can no longer sue the hair salon owner. She was preparing documentation for laws sue and Toronto Public Health board supports such customers without even looking into the truth behind the objective of suing a small business owner. They want media’s attention and writes stories to show it to the ministry that they doing upto something.
  7. Toronto Health Board creates problem for small business owner for their own benefits: They love media’s attention and that is the reason why they come up with new false stories about the weaker segment of business owners who do not have enough resources to fight back. They just want to show their boss & ministry that they are actually working on some project whereas all the salaries they make comes from the taxpayers pocket for work that they never do. Like Hilary Clinton got support for her party not to put food labeling “GMO “or not.
  8. Toronto Health Board is a Big Panic Creator: They unnecessarily create the situation of panic in public. Toronto health board should stop putting false stories in media for their own benefit.
  9. In Toronto 90 % health related facilities were never visited by the representative of Toronto Public Health Board:  They target the weaker small business owners to make false stories but the Toronto Health Board inspectors have never visited the 90% of the health related facilities owned by big companies or lots health related business in Ontario poor are like Scarborough or so .., And more  thousand of thousand business is operate from home , through Internet has never been inspected. Personally the salon I go , last ten years never been inspected. If they do visit then they will help Canadian Economy and Health issue, but it is very unfortunate that they will not do that as media is more important than doing actual job. Creating false documents, stories and getting better position in job is more important than doing the right thing.
  10. They absolutely do not have any knowledge about electromechanical device or Philology: – Let’s take the example of the auto clave (the sterilization machine); it is totally electro- mechanical device with electronic function. Chemical autoclave requires the knowledge of chemistry and physics. None of the Toronto Health board inspectors have any knowledge of how the device operates and they try abuse the person who has already been working with the device for years. The Toronto Health Board Inspectors should be trained to use and understand these devices before creating a false report.
  11. Small business owners always train the Public Health related workers: It is shocking to see that many small business owners are actually training the Toronto Health Board inspectors on certain health devices. This means that the health board’s employees are not doing their job correctly.
  12. 12.  They do not have any physiological education: Apart from the knowledge of operation of certain health devices, Toronto Health Boards inspectors should learn about physiology. For instance, if someone is buying jewelries or changing jewelries in a tattoo shop, the inspector thinks that the person got pierced without even asking what the customers is doing in the shop. All of the small business operator, they are human being , not robot or a machine , they are handling a physical person , the inspector have to read that person and his/her brain  , with physiological education , but really is this people have no education about physiology .
  13. Thousands and thousands of small business owners are being thrown in the streets: Instead of doing what they are suppose to do, Toronto Health Board is creating more issues in the society. They harmful for the society and for the Canadian economy. They are not helping to build the business instead they just fail the businesses and lead them to complete shutdown.
  14. Public Health has 0 % popularity in the society: Take the example of Police department and Revenue Canada, how they are helping our society. Police is for emergency, they come in emergence situation and help people. 99 % of Torontonians like Police Department. Similarly, Revenue Canada have millions of software, trust worthy employees and efficient system that is helping our economy. And same 99 % people like them too. Both departments is helping people but no one likes “Public Health Board” , because they are not helpful to the society.
  15. Toronto Health Board is responsible of getting abused themselves: Public health board continues to go after small weak businesses till they are out of business, and in response people abuse the Public Health department.
  16. Their Bosses keeps most of the fund: The field inspectors at the Toronto Health Board are paid very less compared to the manager and their bosses. This is the reason why most of the inspectors leave the job so often. As soon as the field inspector starts to learn about the various things about health related device etc. they are almost done with their job and they leave, so every time we see new people getting hired and then leaving within an year or even less. The problem is that no one is getting the right experience to be a field inspector and they take out their personal frustration on the weak business owners. Let’s say they receive $100 from tax payers money to run Public Health, out of this $100, most of the amount like $70 will be kept by the few top managers and rest $30 will be distributed among the field inspectors, who are the majority in this organization doing the main job. The main doctor and manager are bureaucrats. We are living in the same situation as in the 1800s, when there was the peak time for Government criminal activities.
  17. It will be better if they hire more inspectors with little bit more money: Toronto Public Health Board should hire more inspectors for a little bit higher pay and should kick all their non performing managers & bosses. By doing this the field inspectors who does the major job for this organization will be happy and will stick to the job learning and getting more experience. When he/she will return to the same small business owner, he/she can keep a track record and can see the improvement and suggest better ways to maintain their businesses. This way they will be helping the Canadian economy.
  18. Toronto Public Health Board is creating unemployment in the city: They are pushing businesses to shutdown by enforcing useless, unimportant issues that are created only to cater to the media rather than helping people or the small business owners. This is creating more unemployment in the city.
  19. Toronto Health Board employees ask for money: A recent case that came to my notice was that someone had a health related business facilities in Markham, the health inspector went to see one of the stores and she said that I will not inspect that business properly and will not help you, because her manager does not pay her properly. Now these kinds of inspectors will fail you with any useless issue. She was asking money from the business owner. Later on the business owner told everything to her manager and then another inspector was sent to take care of this problem. This is just one story but, there numerous others.
  20. Need a complain portal to help small businesses: Public health should build an online portal especially for compaints where the small business owners can file all issues what they experience everyday with the health inspectors.
  21. Health inspectors are not trained: The public health inspector, when they go to a job site.. let’s say to a store, they keep calling their managers to ask everything as if they are on training. This means that they are not educated enough to be working at a position of health inspector, they want to safeguard their job first then look into the issues with the business owner. For a newbie, the inspection is just a joke to create false papers to safeguard their job as if they did something on that particular day in terms of work. While, this joke kills the small businesses.
  22. They report what they want to report: Let’s see this example for instance: The public health manager and Inspector inspected a facility involving a spore test (Special test to monitor the sterilization machine whether is working or not). The employee in the shop did the test and it came through right, which means it passed the test. Now, the inspector without any prior knowledge of the device says it did not pass.. the manager talks to the inspector and say – let’s put it fail!. Then after the employee of the business starts arguing with the manager and the inspector that do not put this to fail as the test came through right. It is like someone make a complaint against Mr. “X” – is drug dealer, when police came they were not able to find any drugs with him. Then a bad Police officer came and put all kinds of drugs in his pocket and will say that they found the drugs in his pocket and will arrest him. So, the public health managers and inspectors put reports according to what they like ignoring the facts because there is no third party involved. Also, don’t forget it is a government organization so small business owner cannot do anything and they have the power to shutdown any facility in the city. This is like a mafia law and order.
  23. Public Health people are way behind with the practical industry of health related issue and facilities : Let’s take a look if someone is using disposable tools for piercing, they do not have to do spore test but for lacking of knowledge the Public health inspector will put fail, put this in Media and will make a big issue .In health related industries there is sterilized or non sterilized items, they do not understand that either and they mix those items to make a report whatever they think is right.
  24. Public Health Board is involved in criminal activities: The public health board sends their inspectors as customers to shop and force them to do certain jobs that the business owner never agreed to do. Let’s take look : Public Health Inspector fail a location , So this hair salon cannot cut hair any more it is fail , now for example a public health inspector will become a customer and will go to a hair salon and will ask for a haircut , the hair salon owner will say NO , that she cannot cut hair (to the Public Health Inspector as customer ) that the for reason of fail ( by Public Health – not to cut hair – now this salon is restricted to not cut hair )  the business owner never agreed to do, but the inspector will come up with excuses and will sit in the chair forcefully to get it done. Now, suddenly the health board another manager/inspector  will come and will fail the small business owner for useless issues pin pointing along with the inspector. This is like lying to public and creating stories for media. This is a crime and a regular hair salon and similar retail businesses are hand to mouth people. For them Government mafia is big and they do not have enough money to go to the Media to tell the exact true story. They do not have enough money for the lawyer and even they cannot speak against the Public Health people (because they work with them).
  25. Still we are in 1800s with the same Government Crime situation: As a known fact in the history we know Canada had the highest rate of “Government employee corruption” in 1800’s. Government people are usually painful for public. If Revenue Canada start coming after each complain or people abuse Police Department to make a fake complain to get a government house, then that will be massive crime in the society. But, a massive number of general people are getting abused by the “Public Health Board” and no action is being taken?
  26. US Public Health totally failed for Ebola: Let’s take look what happened with “Public Health USA” with the Ebola issue. This Public Health Nurses were not trained enough about Ebola and one nurse died because of the lack of knowledge and training on how to treat an Ebola patient. People are using Moon suite to protect Ebola dieses. The Moon suite company is making money by selling moon suites to people and health workers. People are planning to send the Ebola Bactria to ISIS to the middle east. One lady was just sick in Dallas and the whole Dallas was shut down, same with other cities in Texas etc. they closed everything. Zambia dress (as Ebola face) came to the market as Halloween/mask dress or Ebola doctor dress, nurse dress… This is so stupid of US Public Health. We do not want to see this in Toronto. Media is making like movies kind of news for their own benefits and make more money. So, everything is coming from lack of knowledge of the US public health. To prevent Ebola you just need gloves, eye glass, guan that’s all. US Public Health is make a  Huge Panic Attack in the World for Ebola.
  27. Even Public Health Board is weak to put some one handcuffs because incidents can happen that can go against Public Health Employees: Now they have base and handcuffs, but even they are not healthy enough to put them on someone. They have been abusing this by showing to the general small business entrepreneurs, it give them easy access to write or to do what they wanted to do. This is not like Police system, which chase the criminals around the city or Revenue Canada people where anyone is going to come after you with handcuffs. If Revenue Canada starts to come with handcuffs, then they will destroy all small business in Toronto. To the innocents Toronto Public Health inspectors are showing handcuffs which hardly serves the purpose of health related issues. It is same if a police Officer Pull a gun to an innocent public and makes him scared up to death that he will shoot him and the person ultimately commits a mistake and gets shot. These situations are same.
  28. More examples: 10 years ago the tattoo and body piercing businesses use to make their own needles and an inspector today will never understand how someone can make their own tattoo needles. The tattoo shops use to buy the material, solder them and then sterilized them. There is much gap with the past and new critical health related businesses, which the Toronto Public Health people do not know and will never understand – How this whole Piercing, Tattoo or Hair Salon health related business came into existence. Tattoo was done by needle of the plaints in the beginning. There are lots of changes over the past 10 years. Therefore, the inspectors at Toronto Health Board must get more education before they start failing the small business owners, because the small business owners usually open their business with real life experiences, and well trained franchises. Also, do not forget that it takes a lot of efforts and investment on the owners part to establish a business so it is obvious that they will be careful.
  29. Paper work kill 90 % time: These inspectors are not up to date with their system. They waste a lot of time on the old paper work that is not relevant as years passes by with new improvement in the technology and business. Some of them can not even open or download files from the internet. They kill a lot of time just based on paper work. They need to reduce this paper work by using modern electronic devices such as cell phone, pictures, scanner and online portals like how RCMP keeps DNA report with high security. So, the Health Department should keep it for themselves and not disclose it to the public. This way they can save a lot of the time.
  30. A bad doctor example: If someone has kidney problem, a bad doctor can remove the strong kidney, then make a media report that he/she removed someone’s kidney, and the patient still survived to became big doctor in the society. This will get him/her more promotions to get more money from the government. That innocent health patient will just be an object for that Doctor. So, they abuse the Media and patients for their own our benefits.
  31. They spend 90 % of the time to take care of the complaints over the city. It doesn’t make any sense. They need to update all small business and do work their own schedule, like police department or Revenue Canada. If some said that business has issue, they need to work of three own, do not let the general problem abuse the “Public Health “.
  32. Let’s take a look to the real situation, how Public health should work: Public Health should have insurance for their Clients (for all business owners). A regular family owned beauty salon is usually considered the poorest business. Mostly self employed, they are deprived from all government and social benefits as they do not have vacation money, minimum wages, over time pay etc. More over they directly work for the Government, as they collect tax money from the public and send it to government. In addition, they have their hard earned money invested in the business. Situation is same where circumstances makes women to become a prostitute. In this case circumstances are making the salon owner work with little to no money. Now, let’s say due to some reasons  if they fail the inspection, then the Public health will lead them to close their business. Who will be responsible for them? All responsibility needs to be taken care by public health at that time. They were unable to build their business – it was their job to train them properly and slowly improve them to build and establish this business. But what we see is that they are the one who forced them to “close the business”. Because Public Health is run by huge tax payers money, hugely funded Government Organization, they should help the business owner. That hair salon family will be in big financial problem if they have to close the business. Minimum investment for a hair salon is approx. $30,000 in Toronto. There cost to survive in Canada is usually $3,000 to $6,000 per month. So, public health have to have an insurance policy, (similar to a hair salon will have $5,000,000 for customer liability insurance or  building insurance). Whatever the reason might be, if they shut down any location, then there insurance company will pay the compensation to that hair salon owner so that the business owner can survive . I have talk to some insurance companies, they say that they will not provide insurance to such businesses as it is of no benefit to them. But, any insurance company will gladly provide insurance to the Public Health. So, Public health should get insurance for small business owner so just in case if they have to shutdown their business, they have the money to survive.
  33. Further more about Ebola issue. US public health makes this issue a trillion dollar loss in the US economy because tons of Coca comes from Africa, it affected the African  economy too as many chocolate factories, airports were shut down. So, conclusion is US Public Health failed. If Canadian Public Health will fail, who will take care of the huge social and financial liability, Public health have to take care of this financial loss!