This Passport

This Passport


this passport  ;

it’s my flying bridge over the sky across the Globe,

it’s my flying over the sky, anywhere in the World,

or my walking, swimming, riding, traveling, driving all over the World,

it’s a home away from home,

it’s for me to cross the Atlantic Ocean by swimming, or walk all over the world by  bare wet feet with mud,

this passport ;

it’s a mansion, apartment, house or multiple people sharing basement,

or a sharing deck of a floating boat or a shelter tent in a jungle with freezing temperature,

it’s cozy or horrible,

it’s comfortable or life risky,

it’s a home away from home,

a home with the neighbor from access the Globe,

Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Somalian, French or from any country of the World,

or no neighbor just water after water, it’s an ocean, jungle, desert or jail,

but it’s a home away from home,

this passport ;

It’s a feeling, anger, emotion, love, inspiration, devotion, joy, fear, hate,

It’s me; it’s my identity to the world,

it’s a power, it’s an energy, it’s energy for infinity time, it’s energy from the creator,

it’s a power to survive in dessert, ocean, space, deep jungle, Moon , Sun, or in any Galaxy, Galaxy  after Galaxy,

it’s  my surviving  by  swelling  all of the demons from Hell,

it’s surviving power with no water, no food, no money, no shelter, without any help,

It’s my challenge not for surviving,

it’s my challenge to live,

it’s it solid made for lifetime.

this passport ;

this is my opportunity to have the latest model of phone  for a preschool boy or a heart candy to a little girl ‘s hand,

It’s the admission to any University or Institute across the Globe,

it’s a job in anywhere access the Globe,

or it’s a job, as  chief  scientist at NASA or Bombardier, or worker  at Pentagon, as a kitchen potter, as a sweeper, waiter ,  taxi driver, or a successful  milliner businessman  or a street vendor to the Globe,

it’s my business deal with Alliance on the edge of the Cosmos.

this Passport ;

It’s my freedom of dress;

it’s a Hijab, Sharee, long or mini scat, coat pant tie or without a tie or just underwear or necked,

or it’s is my short for the beach, or roller coaster, or a bikini,

this Passport ;

it’s the food of the world,

Chow Mein, pasta, pizza, burrito, burger, fish and chips, borsh, Poutine, Tacos, or Byrany

this Passport ;

it’s my pray, silently or loudly listening to Holy Quran or Vedic,

It’s my opportunity to visit or open, Hindu Mandir, Temple, Church or Mosque anywhere of the Globe or in the Galaxy  ..

this Passport ;

it’s a long driving Toronto to New Mexico, Dallas, Arizona, Florida then more and more .. and then lost myself in infinity driving.  it’s my driving hour after hour, day after day, all over America, North America  or all over Europe, Sweden to Spain than to Africa, then all over the World with my friends, relatives or alone, then

it’s a staying in ; a  cozy motel, or in own car, or in friend’s place or relative’s place on the way of driving.

it’s my walking jungle after jungle, swimming ocean after ocean with no fears.

it’s my brand new car  or my broken car; steering, beaks, starter;  nothing doesn’t work but its runs,

it’s my daughter’s birth  at Elmhurst Hospital or anywhere of the Globe,

this passport ;

it’s a mother tongue-

it’s  deepest  penetrating  under the Atlantic ocean’s  soil and drives to anywhere in this  Globe then it passes into infinity Galaxy,

this passport ;

It’s my pound of birth,

It’s my knowledge, education, intellectual, wisdom, influence, inequality,

Or it’s my dumb along with the dull brain,

it’s my love, love to live,

this passport ;

It’s the opportunity to enjoy, New Year’s, Independent day, Canada day, all International days, my Puja, Eid, Marry Christmas or my day to day life across the Globe.

this passport ;

It’s my dinner, wedding, marriage, birthday, prayer or just gathering party at  home , a home away from home in  any place in the Globe , where all of my relatives, friend gets  together , comes from ( Wagga Wagga  , Warsaw , Winnipeg , Wichita , Webuye  , Whitby or from my village ) across the Globe .

this passport,

it’s my World without boundaries,

it’s my World without borders.

this passport ;

It’s my living, in African or Arizonian desert  with camels, in white night at St. Petersburg  with beers, in north pole with Santa Clause, with Katrina in Florida, in a submarine in deep end of Atlantic Ocean , rainforest Jungle in Mexico or in the Galaxy  with alliance, it’s doesn’t matter , all of it is my living area ,

this passport ;

Weather, I want or not it’s my kid’s hybrid marriage with any ethnicity people of the world and mixed kids, a new generation,

it’s my friend’s  addiction from Soviet life,

it’s my villager’s uncle as a Moazzam of the Jackson Heights Mosque,

It’s my highly educated, well prepared, well dressed, fully gear up, fully loaded or not kids – ready to run the world,

this passport ;

it’s my identity,

It’s my power to catch the fire,

this passport ;

is my memory, it is my feeling, all of my existence, it’s my passion for the World, it’s my  attraction to the World  or  my love to the humanities,

this passport ;

it’s my proud to walking through the fifth avenue, Manhattan, or Yonge Street …..,

or it’s my opportunity to buy anything across  the World,

this passport ;

it’s my memory of; Britishers’ exploitation, 1971,Felani, all of this memories in  my heart, soul, or in my brain, it burns me all the time,

it’s my pain converter to power,

it’s my financial freedom,

this passport ;

give me a feeling that  I don’t care, anyone or anyone, I don’ care nothing, I am wild, dis-obey, nor- disciplined, not loyal, not respectful, careless, disparate, tortoise  elephant’s foot,

this  passport ;

it’s my writing, it’s my poem,

it’s my poem  “  the telegram  “  , beside the poems   Amiri Bakara ‘s poem ” Somebody blow America  ” or Solman Sharif’s  poems; “ LOOK “ , a  Class poem to pass the message to all over the world,

it’s my book “Seize Nobel Foundation, Stroke II Stroke, and more to come, it’s my reply to the world, it’s my protest to the world, it’s my answer to the World,

it’s my freedom of speech , reading, writing, or freedom of live style across the Globe,

this passport  ;

it’s my opportunity to give the flower to any Monument any time

this passport,

it’s my power to slap the paid ruthless people of UN.

this passport  ;

it’s a blizzard noise, booming, siren to all people of the world that I have this passport,

this passport;

for me not to win the world,

this is for me to RUN  the WORLD.