This Flag

This flag give hatred!

This flag give me feelings that someone is drilling my deep heart.

This fang is shame for me.

It reminds me, killing of Arab people.

This flag is the opportunity to fool the European with tanks and weapons for greed.

It cover a basket of weapons  or  life sheet  , as gift .

This flag is the shelter for looters.

This flag is the heaven for corrupt of corporate elite people…

Hatred of black slave!

It is the falling of twin towers!

It is a symbol of blood suckers.

It is standing for killers, Global mass murders & Global rubbers.

A witness of poverty.

A fire flame handles for Global corruption.

Or a way to Cheat and Fraud.

When I see this flag I see 1971.

It back flashes me to the site of killing of millions of innocents people across the Globe.

I see war criminal Henry Kissinger in this flag.

I am falling apart.

I cannot handle this anymore.

It should be down.

It should be grounded.

It should be buried in museum!