The Cow


Is a domestic animal ;
I find lots of similarities between the Cow and the House Maker or House Wife.
There is no difference or little difference between the Cow and the Housewife.
You can call them ‘house maker’, ‘housekeeper’, ‘housewife’ ‘housewife slave’, or ‘house slave’ or something similar.
Housewife is a domestic animal with two hands and two legs,
Smellier to the cow is a domestic animal with four feet.
It is a domestic animal for life, the same as a cow.
But Cow is able to be sold again.
The Domestic Housewife is sold only once to one person and never sold again.
Their life span is the same.
Housewives are a slavery process; generation to generation, the same as a cow.
A domestic animal is also a slavery process; generation to generation.
The cow gives birth to another cow, and it continues.
The housewife is also the same. It also gives birth and it continuous.
Housewife is purchased the same way as the cow is purchased from the Cow Hat or house wife‘s father’s family.
In a cow hat, you give some money and you buy a cow. With the domestic housewife, you buy some one’s daughter with something similar. It is also purchased for a lifetime.
The buyer has the opportunity to choose the cow from a variety of cows or future house slave wives also you can choose from a variety of upcoming house slaves,
But the cow or the housewife doesn’t have the choice to sell themselves.
Both of them don’t have proper outside jobs.
They take care of babies and that’s the job.
Whatever food and shelter are offered by the owner, both of them take that food and shelter.
Both of them don’t have to think about food or shelter.
They produce baby after baby, take care of the babies, lots of babies, and they both love the babies or baby cows.
Both of them are known to the public as someone’s housewife or someone‘s cow.
Both of them are very calm.
Both of them don’t have any rights.
Both of them don’t have any voice.
Both of them don’t have any education or the education that they do have is not useable.
Both of them don’t have any love; they have just babies; without a loving relationship and without a loving marriage.
Both of them cannot help each other; they are totally dependent on their owners.
Both of them eat vegetables.
Both of them are good assets to the owner.
Both of them cannot do math or can do very little math.
Both of them die silently.
I could write about the cow easy, day after day, page after page, but I will conclude here and now.
Both of them don’t know that they are both domestic animals.
Thousands upon thousands of housewives or cows are domestic animals.