(Sorry! Green Run Away from Me )

When my daughter was going to grade three or something, I had to buy a rabbit , it was black color nice rabbit , we bought it, from a pet shop , he was nice , we brought him home , we feed him ,we take care him and everything was going good, except; no one didn’t take cares his case, so whole house became strong rabbit odor, if someone especially guest came to our house, straightaway that person runway, because of his strong unpleasant and unbeatable odor, by the summer I convince my daughter to keep the rabbit in back yard . One day we went to some roller coaster park, it was raining all day, we came back at 8 pm, by the time the rabbit was wet and his body was shaking, but against my daughter will I shower him, he went sicker and died in the hospital same night. But my daughter cannot forget the rabbit; want another, so we bought another one in another summer. In Toronto summer is tropical weather, like 20 degrees celsius, deal was we will keep her outside in back yard, and we kept her in back yard, but in shade room I make a rabbit house with red infrared light, to keep the area warm, I close all holes of the back yard, so she will not be able to go outside. We feed her every day, we name her Green. But one day she disappears, she missed. She missed from 2008 and now it is 2017. Now almost we forgot her. But as a memory, if I do an email money transfer, I use the question as; what is the pet name? And the answer is; green.
Toronto has lots of little parks, even like three feet by five feet, I like this types of small parks, most of them are middle of the roads, but safe, so I can see pass-by traffic, with high hills shoes or so on …, I am sitting down one of this small park close to my house, even I don’t know the name of the park. This bench is waiting, may just stop the rain, just sitting down, even was not able to start to think something or someone; very tired; suddenly I saw my daughter rabbit “ Green “. I surprised and screamed “ Hey Green, how are you, we missed you since 2008, we put so much add everywhere; we involve Police, FBI, Media, family friends and so on …, and my daughter was so upset. Where are you been so long? It is already 2017, almost 11 years; you came back after eleven years. “I try to hug and kiss her, I was very happy that Green came back.
“ Don’t touch me; I am very unhappy to you, first of all, why you lied to all that ( Green is missing), I didn’t miss, I run away from you, I evaporate from you; you should put add like ( Green run away from me). So I will explain to you why I vanish. Please tale me who keeps the rabbit in the back yard? I am not a bench for you, if rain or snow doesn’t meter, it will be outside. I am a live animal. You used me for your fun, for your entertainment, you do not think about me, I was cold in rain, raccoon always tries to eat me, I was abundant, your abusive relationship makes me run away from you. I was thinking of suicide, I burn my cloth and all IDS, walk to be food for the polar bear, for sunk myself to water so, I could be food for fish. Canada is not like a small tropical country, it is big, and you will not be able to find me never ever. But decided not to do that because I heard that you have my life insurance for 10,000.00 $ – so, as you are the greedy person I was thinking to disappear, you might get this money. So, better I disappear, at the list, you can get some money. Or I look every day that you feed me, care me, – I was not able to return you nothing, so I was feeling, I owe you lots of money or something, I was feeling guilty, which I am not able to pay you back, so try to escape from the situation. Or think, Canada is diverse; I do not want to sit down with your Buddhism Philosophy. I like a rainbow , you don’t let me meet with rainbow, but also it is ok, I will listen to you, I will not go with a rainbow . You drive me so nuts or so much, I became mental sickles, drug-addicted, Schizophrenia, I was not capable to stay with you anymore, decided to runway. But may also I surrender this one too; but what about this. if I told you that you left me alone, someone kidnaped me for sex trafficking or whatever reason it could be, or maybe I was involved with gangs, I had to escaped from the gangs, decided to dis-appears. I’m a survival from those criminal groups of kidnappers. Or, maybe I was a victim of natural disasters as you left me in the back yard. Or you push me to study or go to the military, but I don’t want to do either one. Or maybe you will come to know that I have a non-marriage relationship with neighbors husband, which you will not consider, or police are ceasing me, whatever reason it would be. Or for your torched I became dementia, homelessness, drifted, depression, anxieties, deliberate, disappearances or whatever it could be.
But It was you, you only you that’s why I was bound to run away from you. I just came to say you all of this , now my name is changed ; I called by Rosa now , you see……. ; I live in the deep end of that fur away jungle, I will not be back, never ever to you, please change the added dialogue as I said , but anyway thanks, for everything Reza “
: It happened once I open her secret, but it was better not to open her secret: