Saabna’s Iron Safe

Saabna’ s Iron safe
Devil came
To make this last
480.00 $
Somehow Devil will rip off this money.
Every one in panic
What to do?
Everyone in how mou ?
President came and said: buy an Iron safe for 480$ to safe the money,
Cashier Minister came and said: we have no money to buy an iron safe .
Cocking Minister came and said; I will put this money in my oven, so, the devil will not notice.
Singing Minister came, said; I will sing a song, Devil will fall asleep from my song.
Gem Minister came and said; I will put this money inside of our musical pillow, Devil will not notice.
Devil is a well-trained jail in States; knows lots of tricks.
Everyone in tension, how to safe this last 480$.
Devil is experienced even from the Soviets too.
President is mad came again, punch on the table; the table got breaks into two and said ; call the new generation or must find an iron safe .
Everyone sunk on sweet; start swimming or drinking and sunken on sweet.
At last at the end New generation came in and said ;

” All together you guys just Kick the Devil ” .