Qesem Soleimani

Qesem Soleimani

( But My condolences will for his soul )


I support US’s, Tramp administration.



  1. You cannot fight with a police officer, he will arrest you. If you want to shoot him, he will kill you before. So, now US have money and power, don’t fight with them now.
  2. Another example:  In India we have lots of tribal people, let’s say I am a political leader with money and influence from Bangla. I am giving jobs and business to Bengali people , but  then  if I brain wash Bengali people that, we are the best, we should kill all other tribes, like ; Sheikh , Guajarati , Manipuri all other tribes… .
  3. Then what I am doing?
  4. I am fuelling my people on the base of race to kill other racial people. That what Qesem Soleimani was doing, He was abusing Quds to fight other tribal people with others and others and other…. in Arab world.  Escalating all racial issue, racism in between Arab World. Creating and holding Civil war in Middle East, between Shiya, shiya milishas, Sunni, quads, Adnanai Arabs, Banu al Samayda , Yameni .. … (they have lots of tribe) . And this Muslim Government is a dictatorship Government in Iran, not elected.
  5. Why? He did that.
  1. Qesem Soleimani was stupid. If he was a good leader, he would move Arab people to nonviolence way to solve all of these problems. But He did not.
  1. So, Trump removed him, it’s ok.


In Russian life , in 1993 I visited myself the city : Tolyatti  , Russia ;  where they build this nuclear reactor , which one they have now in Iran , and I had dinner with the owner of the factory  ; with my own eyes I saw that nuclear reactor .

Middle East is the land where they have easy access of oil money.


Russia, China makes money from there and US also makes money from there.


In Iran/ Iraq:


What Russia does?


Russia build lots roads, infractures and sells lots …. of machineries there . Then other hand  one Russian KGB (Russian secret agency .. they have many and different different .. ) stuff came to US’S  CIA , that KGB says ; ” look I quit the job from ( KGB.. )  , I have lots of information what  Russia build in Iran or Iraq ”  .That Russian person ( KGB person ) is acting that he quit the job , but in reality he did not  ; he is a valid person in KGB . Then he says to CIA, ok, give me some money I will tell you all info. Then that Russian person makes lots of fake documents along with real documents, about nuclear booms preparation in that specific countries. Then it is a document for US to attack Iran or Iraq, (as they are preparing to build nuclear booms), US also will not care if it is fake or real; as long as they have something from third party.. Russia got paid from that project already. Now US will attack to that country to make some money too. By doing war, US also will makes lots of money (US -its war weapons economy country )  .


Here is one conclusion ; don’t do any project with Russia , because they tell to US , that they supply reactor for nuclear business to that specific countries and that will be an evidence for US to attack that country . Both of them are making money.


China: Giving Opium to their own people to hold artificially manufacture price down; Put Uighurs’ in concentration camps (and talk too much, same as did USSR to other countries).

Or in Afghan Opium US army is making money as they are doing security job; China is getting cheap Opium – both are making money.