House with a secret room with passageway;

House, I mean eternal life.

A secret room, I mean the transition period of life.

The passageway, I mean exit to infinity bright light from life.

Or No means, dead-end, no light afterlife.

My birth,

It was not depended on me, it happened because it was fixed.

By Ethnicity,

I could born as an Italian, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Malayan, Vietnamese, Mexican or as a bird, fish, flies or any kind of life in the Earth, but I born as is, because it was fixed.

My living,

I could live in the sky, in the water, in the jungle, in the air, as the poorest person or the richest person of the earth, but I am here because it was fixed.

My race,

It could be black, white, green, yellow, pink, sapphire or any other color, but I born as is because it was also fixed.

My religious,

I could be, a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Mystic, Perennial, Mayan or any other religious, but I born as is because it was fixed.

My death,

Also, it is fixed, in a certain time, in a certain place, it will happen, for sure it will happen, because it is fixed.

All of these are fixed, it’s my luck.

After I, wash my friend’s last sleeping body, it gave me a feeling that I come back from death to life, I saw something.

I saw the passageway.

The passageway is easy to understand;

The passageway’s light; is same as you drop your kids up to their school door, and you make sure that your kids are in the school or you drop someone in the airport with confirm the ticket and wait until that person fly,

to the shy.

So, everything is fixed?


Only one thing is not fixed, in our life that is our KARMA, our deed.

Karma is easy to understands, it’s like black and white, or it’s like this:

Where , you are good or bad? Humble or greedy, thrust warty or thief, liar or truthful, respectable or hatred, disgusting or peaceful, loyal or corrupt, helpful or harmful and so on…at the end of the day you will notice it by yourself who are you?

Good karma will give to the passageway.

Reza Sattar