Melting Point

Melting points of heart,
My heart melts when you,
put my favorite color lipstick on your lip tip,
and your lip blinks only for me,
or when you
give me a glass of water with your bare hand with full of glass bangles,
and bangles make the noise of love only for me,
or without bangles with no noise,
or when you,
walk with me, hold my left hand and put your weight to my arm,
or when you
care me, if I am sick in bed,
or bring food to me,
or when you,
pay our restaurant bills,
and I am full,
or when you,
match dress with me, in my day,
and match your tip color with my tie
or when you,
put your head to my soul and silent
and listen to my heart,

or when you heavenly breath on me,
or when you,
come with me to Temple or Mosque
and pray for me,
( actually, my love is from heaven, it is pure, it is forever only for you ).