Harper – Do Not Involve in Middle East War

Stephen-Harper-2This is genuine letter from all Canadians to the Prime Minister Harper…

  1. Canada is the most advanced multicultural country in this World. It not like even UK or US or any other country in the world.
  2. If you support the war in Middle East then you will bring more problems to Canada.
  3. We all live here peacefully, happily and we already have tons of our own problems.
  4. We Canadians are also strong enough to handle Obama’s threat to you, if he is threatening you to go Middle East for war and if he is calling for your support – Ignore him!
  5. You do not know who is right, Obama or Rebellions in Middle East!
  6. We peacefully visit across the Globe with Canadian passport, we fill proud to be Canadian, we do not hide our passport like US citizens (or other citizens ), they hide their passport, when they are outside of US (or their own country).
  7. There will be always back fire or every action has its reaction. So do not involve in War.
  8. This problem will be taken care by others, there are lots of countries who are getting involed in that war, so it not so necessary for you to go or support this war.
  9. If it is very necessary, then you (yourself) and if anyone from your family want to come with you, take them  with you and go but do not take any other Canadian. Only you should go personally.
  10. Do not insist or involve any other Canadians to go in this war.
  11. If you get involved in this war very silently or with hidden agenda, people will reveal it and they will come after you. So, do not get involved in this war.
  12. Nothing will not happen, if you do not go or support the Middle East war.

How you can handle this, it is very easy and simple:

  1. Take this matter easy…
  2. If Obama call’s you for support or try to communicates with you, do not pick up your phone or do not communicate with him…
  3. Say “this and that or let me think or o.k.  or something or  so….. “But do not join or support.
  4. Just kill the time…
  5. Stay out of the scenes does not show up in Media or no where else…
  6. Go for vacation or so…
  7. Ignore Obama’s invitation …

That’s all!

Please learn from our daily life how to deal with such situations: Example, how not to go war or support to Middle East war.

I (a general average Canadian citizen) like to do gardening, when I ask my son to help me in the gardening.

  1. I call him, he knows that now I am working in the garden, I have asked for his help (But my son does not want to help me). So, he will not pick up his phone for long time, in the mean time may be one hour/half an hour is already passed.
  2. Then I go to his room, I tell him to help me, he will say “ you go, I am coming” my phone was turned off and so on…… “, I leave his room and I am working in the garden again, still he does not came, may be another one hour/half hour is passed.
  3. Now, he calls his friend and he gets busy with his home work with his friend (in reality they will play games or so.. ), then he will say I have to do emergency home work …, he will say same thing “ o.k.  You go I am coming, this &that. ……..”
  4. May be couple of hour or more is gone now but he will never come to help me. Gardening job is done.
  5. Now this is my dinner time, he is with me on the dinner table, he is with us, nothing does happened, we are a happy family with him (with my son).

Follow me, do not support or involve in war in the Middle East…

JOIN US ON SUNDAY OCTOBER 19th, 2014 — at 5 P.M on the 250 FRONT ST. W. Toronto in front of CBC OFFICE BUILDING (Beside the Park).

A completely non violence protest, Canada should not join in War in Middle East. Absolutely NON violence Protest. Bring Musical instruments, poster, banner, hand mike, toys, article, poem, art and cultural items or more…

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