Equifax is a leash on my Neck! Ban Credit System.

  1. Equifax is run by corporate Elite (Bourgeoisie) people as an organization, they will never ever understand the pain of general people.
  2. (Slave Master Equifax and myself (is one of them)

    (Slave Master Equifax and myself (is one of them)

    Credit system creates poverty in the world, they (meaning unsecured loan, Visa, Rogers etc.) cannot sell the product in cash, therefore they give this product a credit basis and general people take it as they are innocent and unaware. So, if the general people cannot pay it off on time or something along those lines then Equifax puts a report on their system regarding this matter. Then you are a coloured slave for them. Slave Masters hold their slave, because he bought them from someone. It is the same concept. They basically bought you from Visa, Rogers or someone who sold you something from a credit basis. This concept is coming from slavery ideology from the past. Same as some broker/slave trader who sells a slave to a slave master, it is the same, the Visa, Rogers are the brokers/traders of the slave, and they sell you to the slave master like “Equifax”. Equifax is the slave master, Visa, Rogers and etc. are the slave traders and general peoples are slaves. I am a slave for Equifax, with me, all general Canadians are a slave of Equifax (A US based FRAUD credit rating company), because there is no alternative products in the market here in Canada.

  3. General people, sign the documents whatever is given by this corporate elite people, like Rogers, Fido or Visa. They never do feasibility study, whether you can pay it off or not or you are eligible or not, they just sell their product, without any legal advice, without any proper idea to the public about the consequences or anything. They consider you, as a slave, they’re thinking of one way, how they can enslave you. So, they will give you their slavery product.
  4. This corporate Elite (companies like Visa, and Rogers). They also abuse our banking system because Visa is sold by Canadian or any other countries’ bank. If Visa sells their own product – by themselves then they will be bankrupt, their business will not be able to run. Therefore, my point of view is: our bank should stop selling products like Visa, Master Card, (a usury loan) or any similar products .Visa cards should be sold by Visa companies directly. As a Usury loan, it should be banned also.
  5. To put all general people in one leash, they create this “Credit Burro – which is Equifax”. First they trap a person then make slaves from them, then put this report in the burro.
  6. Lots of situations, there were law sues against cooperate Elite and like against Fido, Visa etc. which they which never mention in the report. This is one of the decisions by credit burro. In another hand general people do not have any platform or burro to go against this Credit burro. (Credit burro or corporate elite need to create a fund for the general people, so general people can create an opposite platform (something opposite to credit burro). When this question comes up they dump it to the countries’ government, everything has to be created /fixed by the government of that country. They do not do anything.
  7. I am a slave of Equifax

    I am a slave of Equifax

    The report they put in the burro is coming from the corrupt corporate Elite Company like Fido, & Visa. The pointed out “bad people”. No judge said that, even if any judge did say that, Equifax cannot use that report. This report kills the general people. It is the same as you call someone “thief “- whether it is justified or not. It is the violation of human rights, because society creates “thief “.

  8. Equifax is not like Google, or Twitter! The Banks blindly follow Equifax; all of the reports in Equifax have to go through a judgment decision , but none of them went thru that .
  9. Imagine someone putting a heavy leash with heavy sharp spikes towards an animal, the animal is not protected; the animal has no power to escape, to say something or to do something with the heavy weight and sharp spike, over time the animal will die due to bleeding and pressure. Equifax put a leash on my neck, I cannot do anything.
  10. It is creating poverty.
  11. People are hungry , can’t get a job, they killed themselves, they are in anxiety, depression, social violation, gangs, prostitution, child labour, suicide in the society , it is social catastrophe , even  government crime is also is coming from this.
  12. Let’s take a look at someone who has a retail store, that person sells jewelries and merchandise. That person can take care/maintain the jewelries, every day they clean them. It’s hidden in a safe, so no one can not steal it. This person has insurance, if in any case, merchandise got damaged, that owner can get money from his insurance company. To begin the business they had to have two types of insurance policies, without insurance policy they cannot do/start the business. They have customer liability insurance, just in case if someone will get hurt in the store, their insurance company will pay for the compensation for that hurt person. Here is a similar situation; the public (may be small business entrepreneurs), is the product of “Equifax”. So they need to take care of that person/business, instead of that they do not do anything, do not provide any training for them, they do not provide any education centre/seminars, they do not arrange any lawyer any support to help the business/person, everything is a NO. They do not take care of that product (general people are there product).
  13. Significant-in-insurance-fraud

    Equifax does not have customer liability Insurance, they are doing business without customer liability Insurance, so they are escaping these billions of dollars of Insurance premium money.

    Furthermore it is an American company, they will not care about Canadian economy or Canadian life, and they will just make money here and go.

  14. Furthermore, even the Equifax does not have any customers/products/general people liability insurance. They cannot do business without insurance; they have to have all sorts of insurance. For instance I got hurt (by putting a bad report in the credit bureau) whatever the reason could be and they need to pay me compensation. Because that person have to borrow money with higher interest. The interest differences (between general bank and Speculation rate by other financial companies) Equifax have to pay.
  15. Let’s take a look at someone standing in the middle of the road and he got into an accident, we understand that he was standing in the middle of the road, which was wrong. It was his fault. But that driver’s insurance policy will pay his compensation, at least for his medical treatment cost and wages. The person might’ve been a poor person whom got into the accident, they may not have the insurance, but the driver have to have insurance, because it is the law that applies to anyone with a driving license. In this scenario Equifax is driving without insurance. So, the situation applies the same they (Equifax) need to pay the victim compensation. They have to have insurance for business and their insurance company needs to pay money, if any sort of loss happened, the business owner (especially service oriented business) will have two insurance policies one is physical damage of customers and another one is for merchandise and more. If they have an insurance policy, then in worst case scenario, slaves (the general people), insurance company can talk to Equifax’s insurance company to sort out this situation. For me it is totally illegal to do business without having any insurance policy.
  16. So, I would say they have to pay penalty, for not having insurance, trillions of dollars to the Canadian economy, more over because they are playing with all Canadian Entrepreneurs /Canadians without insurance. This Insurance money could get this Equifax’s slave.
  17. chained_slave

    Equifax Enslave Me

    They technically enslave me, I do not want be a slave of the American company/person, this is my national right.

  18. This is a foreign company, they are not paying any proper tax here in Canada, but they are making money here in Canada. It is not like the situation of when I buy shoes from the internet imported from another country (for example China), I am okay with them not having any accreditation/insurance in Canada. Because the product is in another country (China). But we pay little custom tax, when we receive those shoes here in Canada, so I am also okay with that. But here it’s different I am in Canada. I am Canadian and I am his (Equifax‘s) products. So, they have to have insurance/accreditation  19. Let me audit this company with my cost, I will do it for sure and I am sure they are escaping trillions of Canadian tax dollars, which they were supposed to pay a long time ago. If I cannot prove it, it will take any justice. This is a challenge for me. I am talking about this tax money, because Canadian tax money is also my money.
  19. They can say Canadian government did not tell us to have insurance so; it will be their responsibility to do so, before doing/starting the business. And they have been doing this business since a long time without paying any insurance, so they are escaping insurance premium money, which should get paid to suffer/to general Canadian people, but as general people we are not getting this money. 21. One person enslaves all Canadians which is a paradox and killing thousands of small business entrepreneurs and life in Canada. They threw away thousands of thousands of small entrepreneurs, people in the street, everyday. Thousands of small businesses and people have been shut down for this company (Equifax), thousands of people losing their houses, and assets for “Equifax”.  It increases the social disaster; it increases unemployment, anxiety, frustration, and bank craft in the society. (Equifax Enslave Me)   22. When they make any Canadian company bank craft, that person/company owner becomes a liability for the Canadian government, it is the same as our tax payer’s money to take care of that person/business. At that time ‘Equifax “did not take any liability for that person/business.” Equifax “– just threw that person/business in the street. Now it is our turn to throw the “Equifax “from our economy.
  20. Third and Fourth Party High Interest Rates is bringing Real Estate industry to collapse.

    Third and Fourth Party High Interest Rates is bringing Real Estate industry to collapse.

    It will also bring our housing industry catastrophe, like it happened in the US economy because I am working hard but paying lots of interest for mortgage/loans, because of an “ Equifax “ report, for reducing credit score, it will be hard for me to pay my mortgage, at some time I will not be able to carry the mortgage, my house will go foreclose for sale. So, this Credit report is a direct impact to our main industry, the industry of housing. So Equifax is bringing us catastrophe in housing industry, here in Canada and all over our economy.

  21. My argument is that they have to have insurance policy to get it sorted out, the sufferer should get paid from Equifax‘s insurance policy. In worst case scenario both of the parties, the slave master (Equifax) and slave (the general Canadian people) “have to have insurance policy before starting any business. So, the depression will fall to the insurance company, not the general public.
  22. This is kidnapping someone, and then blackmailing that person, then asking money from him with a higher interest through another company. They kidnap people and then they are blackmailing them by asking for money through another financial institute with a higher interest
  23. On December 6, 2014 a police report has been made with Toronto Police Station 14, division with Police officer #9879 regarding this kidnap and blackmail.
  24. Let’s take a look; someone has a good relationship with the banks people. They borrow money from the bank 2.5% interest. And that person gave this money to another person’s for 12% person. They give this 12% interest money to the people who have been enslaving by Equifax.  This is an organized crime by Equifax and others.
  25. In the Equifax issue, there is some corrupt government employees with some private lobbing people are also involved, they are the ones who letting Equifax do the business without any insurance and are not letting general people to audit this giant slave master. This corrupt government employee (some special one, not all, there might be good people also as Government employee) – along with corrupt political people, has to be behind bars for a lifetime.
  26. Why is it that the Canadian government has to create an alternative platform for the general public. Even if you go to Shoppers Drug Mart (a Canadian drug store) you will get a “life -brand product” and an alternate other brand product. So, they have at least two brand products. Some ruthless corrupt government employee along with some corrupt Political did not let it happen for their personal benefit, just one Equifax and no alternative. I do not accept this only one slave master, I need an alternative. In worst case scenario I would not mind to become a slave for the Canadian slave master, But definitely not American slave master‘s slave.
  27. Political Crime Enslave Whole Country, someone did the same with Equifax – compare to GMO labeling issue

    Political Crime Enslave Whole Country, someone did the same with Equifax – compare to GMO labeling issue

    Let’s take a look at the situation, in US political corruption:- Recently in the U.S, Hilary Clinton’s party got big donations/bribes/fee for a speech from GMO (Genetically Modified Food Corporation- directly/indirectly) for them ,  to not put food labeling in food products in the U.S market. She was lobbing for that. But it is general people rights to know if the product is GMO or not. If this bill passes, then all Americans would be in the dark, I would say that (all American general people) would be enslave by GMO corporate people. Here is the same, some political people letting “Equifax” to do the businesses without a client liability insurance, still now the Equifax is continuing that. I believe someone has this information, but everyone’s silent, because they’re scared of the Government Mafia by some corrupt government employee along with some corrupt political people, they are scared that everything will be disclosed – the reality. But for this personal benefit we are general people are suffering.

  28. How did this concept form: Let’s take a look” Domestic animal confinement (jail or detention centre)/Khuar “in India at British Blusterer’s empire (I do not mean today’s good British) time situation.” Confinement “- is an animal jail, torture center without judgment. For me, as a human being is not eligible to judge an animal. Land owner (land lord) cultivates in their land, rice paddies and such or he had just grass in that land or it could be just empty. The land lord did not put any security guard or did not put any protection, like a fence or anything or no one ( security guard )  to protect these items. It was open to all.  If any condition if someone’s animal eats his grass or paddy or mistakenly enters his land, then they brought that animal to “animal confinement crater, animal jail without judgment. Some time , It was just a word of mouth, like if someone said that he saw that someone’s domestic animal was entered to the land lord‘s land. That‘s all. In animal detention centre, animal got tortured; animal did not get proper food or shelter. Then the owner of the animal has to come and give money, to the confinement/animal jail owner. A lot of time, someone just brought another person animal for different reasons. But look at the logic, the land owner never ever agree to protect their paddy, grass or whatever was there. They land owner was much richer then someone who owns a domestic animal (like cow or so). This class people were much poorer. So, the land lord puts all liability to poor people.
  29. People we’re trying hard to solve this issue. It was in the British Empire time, the policy will go for the fever of rich people, no human rights or animal rights will not be allowed. There was absolutely no way that general people could do anything with land lord. No solution, the domestic animal’s jail owner business went pick, by sucking the general people‘s blood.
  30. Here is the same situation, VISA or Rogers or someone can say that Mr. X owes money to someone. Equifax put that report to their credit bureau/to their jail. – Similar to world of mouth. Furthermore similar to without judgment, Equifax will put your name in there “Equifax jail“. As Canadian/US corrupt political people make this rule so, they will not consider general people‘s pain, they will protect corporate elite (Bourgeoisie), only. Equifax business is flourishing, because they do not have customers liability insurance, to put the report they do not have to go through judgment process, they do not do any support towards customers. Same as an animal confinement centre. At the end, Indian people solve it, they just burn the all ‘ confinement centre/domestic animal jails ‘ – that was the end. Please do not get confused, it was just history.
  31. Equifax is doing this with me.

    Equifax is doing this with me.

    Let’s take a look: – Here is same situation, I came to Canada, I was walking in the mall, they offered me this VISA card, Roger plan for life and so on. This company does not protect their product by doing/buying insurance policy or they did not explain to me anything or they did not study feasibility. They just gave me this product, I cannot carry its bill and it was high. I go in default .Then they put me in Equifax. I have been sitting down there for years and years. I have no owner; like that animal had owners so no one can take me out of this conflict. So, they are confining me or put me in the so called “jail of Equifax“.

  32. Let’s take a look at situation in Guantanamo detention centre – US tortured centre and jail centre in Cuba “A lot of times they catch lots of innocent people without judgment, they keep them for years. Lots of evil geniuses, intellectual doctors are developing tortured idea. How they can hurt someone more and more without keeping any remark on his/her body. Let’s say they develop water pouring to face but keep a cloth in the face. Evil genius doctors develop this procedure and they develop lots of evil ideas for torturing. It’s the same thing in ‘Equifax “lots of evil lawyers and stuff also develop this idea. Like not to show to or not to bring them to court for justice, when they put someone’s report, they bypass court system , they use lots of world and more to hurt you more and more. Here is the same situation; they develop the world like “bad debt, bad credit, or so Equifax is same torturing the general people part by part. Evil genius people are also developing this world system. In detention centre, they increase time by one year or more, here Equifax is also developing the time, to keep the record for six months or a life time. People are sitting down in so called “jail of Equifax “– was not gone through any judgment. Visa Company or bank says that. But reality is 75 % financial loans /mortgages in North America are based on fake and falls documentation, no one is not investigating those which are made by brokers.
  33. This is also a major violation of my basic human rights. So, I have to have an alternative choice and they have pay proper tax, because Canadian tax money is also my money.
  34. This is a trap created by the corporate Elite, to create poverty in society.
  35. If there will be any crime in the society, there is police, court, media and more, which is enough in the society, not the private funded credit burro.
  36. Credit System Enslaves You

    Credit System Enslaves You

    My argument is to shut down this “Equifax “– so, general people breathe in the society and live with basic human rights. Because they will again lobby with corrupt political people and with corrupt government people. They know loop holes. Just shut down “Equifax “and create a new Canadian credit rating company.

  37. Thousands and thousands of  people cannot get mortgage or  re- finance a house due to this bad report, these general people have no ability to do anything, they are slowly dying .
  38. Now I am with my family hungry, without shelter, without job, without health, I have no voice, I am in poverty, and there are thousands of people with me.
  39. Equifax has to be shut down from our society forever, it creates poverty and it is a major violation of basic human rights.
  40. Time will come, when this organization ( Equifax ) will be gone.

Thanks: Author / Reza Sattar