Concur the Hunger


Concur the Hunger


If you know how I make these golden foreign coins,

then, you will not spend one of my golden foreign  coins.


you want to know, how I send you this  golden foreign coins,

my foreign coins are dipped with my blood.

my Journey for Poverty.



when hungry women with kids were waiting for rice soup,

without your  concern, I put some rice with that rice soup,

and given to hungry people,

you yield me for that.

Oh, Hungry,

Oh .. you Hunger ……

We know what Hungry is.


We were together Hungry in 1971 or in even 1975.

Here , I was hungry day after day in Romanian Jungle.

It’s a pain,

I promise then I will walk through with this pain across the globe with you, to concur the

Hunger …

Coming to Europe or the US, or anywhere away from home…

Moscow to Romania to Italy to all over the World..…

Forest after the forest,

I walk through it,

with broken ripped off shoes or not shoes but,

with hunger ……

On the way lost my limb, or my companions lost limb, leg, body  parts or life ….

It’s jungle after Jungle.

It’s forest after forest.

Sometimes negative temperature cold,

Snow everywhere…

It’s cold …

With hunger with a lite dress or no dress walking through the jungle  …

unburied dead bodies after unburied bodies…

piled up here…

Even hungry animals or birds did not touch those bodies…

They were in deep pain too ….

They were silent too…

( they did not sing  a song even )

I am walking through these dead bodies, after dead bodies …

On my way…

To concur with the Hunger.

I did not see any Revolutionary Monument here …

or any Graveyard.

I saw only; –

lost souls,

lost hearts,

lost bodies

lost limbs ….

Unburied …

I did not saw any golden foreign currency there…

Who sacrifice their souls or hearts in this deep deep forest?

I am walking through it.

Stroke II Stroke.

Sometimes temperature came down to negative 39,

If water became ice at negative 0,

this is deeper to deeper…

Maldivian Vodka kept me awake,

Yes, I drink alcohol.

Wife or family people?

I lost them is this journey.

She could not wait so long -remarried.

Brother looks at my inherited land.

I am walking through over these dead bodies…

Came to the border of Pope land

Pope Welcome us.

Or to my journey to Manhattan .

My body and soul put in the garbage bin,

Staying in huger day after day,

taking only cane food,

Half of the companies died there already …

Or some time jump from container, truck or ship and run away….

Sometimes police catch or don’t want to catch.

Or come to the city of Manhattan.

Sale ginger or flower in the street,

Sleeping by shifting basis,

one person sleeps,

another person working.

Sometimes collect food from restaurants leftover food from the garbage bin.

Mum ,

I never ever went to University, to learn how to –

steal, cheat, fraud, lie; get or receive  bribes …

I never ever steal, cheat, fraud…

I never lied…


You teach me not to lie (so);

I never lied.


Do we need the borders of this World ?

Concur the Hunger.

Reza Sattar