Coming or Gone to Sewage Ditch

Coming or Gone to Sewage Ditch

Babri Masjid or Ram Mandir

< the Second Two words are the same Ma >
M  for – Masjid.
M for – Mandir.
M for – Ma or Mother.

We blame Britishers’ that they abuse;

Hindu _ Muslim.

For their own Political Greed.

What did all political leaders after Britishers ‘left?

Same thing:

Take the side of Hinduism Or Islam!

“It’s a Political tool, to stay in power “.

No government, put in that disputed land a, social institute, a Hospital, or a Library.

< That would end these conflicts >.

Now conventional Hinduism people will say,

” We own the battle”.

We have Ram Mandir.

This will not be the end.

Again another Government will come and will put it back to Babri Masjid.

Vice Versa, will continue …

Everyone will use this (Babri Masjid or Ram Mandir) as a Political Tool to Stay in Power.

Vice versa will continue and continue?

Britishers ‘went to sewage ditch.. Abolished…

What do you think?

What will happen with this Empire?

It’s clear math, like 1+1=2,

They’re coming to sewage ditch too …

The difference is “come or go “.

Reza Sattar