Call or Croak

In my age, if I have some time dinner event, I used to eat a lot, I know which is not healthy, but still, I eat a lot in dinner parties, because there are lots of delicious foods, which I miss all week, the whole week I am extremely busy. Last night also there was a big dinner party, I was invited, so I did the same, by 2 am I was not able to fall asleep, swinging myself left to right, and right to left. Just now sleep came to my eye, I heard a big bang bang to my window, I wake up, I move my window cartoon, I try to understand, who is this middle of the night knocking on my window.
There you go!
They were a couple of Green frogs, I was surprised why they came at the middle of the night to me, I pinch myself if it was a dream or not, but I understand that it was not a dream, they really came to me. I open my window, move the metal net from my window, let them came into my bedroom. My wife was on vacation, so it was only myself.
“Hi frogs, What Up! I am glad to see you in the middle of the night to my place, please came on in, sit here to this sofa “, they jump and sit on the sofa.
“We are sorry that we came late and without invitation, we know that you will be busy the whole day for nothing, so this is a good time to talk to you “.
“That’s ok, no problem, I am happy you came in, what can I do for you!”
“We came here for some reason; we would like to tell you something, what you never heard from anyone, let’s take look;
“First of all we do not eat any extra , we eat just up to little less than the exact amount of food , that is also a part of recirculation of nature , we eat most of the time little insects, fish, and some green grass or something like that; Not like you kill almost everything and eat and eat ..
We are one of the oldest amphibians’ species on the earth, we are in the earth from over 300 million of years, we also saw a lot, that even you cannot imagine. In front of our eye Dinosaurs came in and dis-appears and lot more …
First of all; we can adapt in any situation, we can handle up to 70-degree celsius. We I can survive into negative temperature, which you even don’t practice.
We are one of the hibernate species in the earth, we can hibernate up to over six months, you never hibernate, we regularly Hibernate in winter.

We have a diverse variety of frogs, all we love each other, they could be green, black, mixed or any colors, all we love each other, all we live together, we do not kill or eat our own species. But look at you?
Both of us no tails, that’s good, you understand what I mean.
I do binocular vision, I look 360-degree angle before to do something, I look first carefully and then take the step, not like you, you look front may be 90-degree angle and take the step. You don’t look properly to do any action.
When we are happy, we every one sings, loudly, everyone together, not like you someone sing, someone doesn’t or even someone doesn’t listen. When we call and croak both male and female together – it creates a romantic atmosphere, we all call and croak (except some species, they do the same but different way) brekekekex oak. We are deeply romantic.
With our partner, we can be, I never miss, because we shut with our tongue, together with up to two/three days, we sync in love with each other, at that time we forgot everything, eat and everything, we are in deep passionate in love.
When we shut someone for food, and our whole body, with very carefully, I don’t miss. You shut thousand and you missed more than a thousand.
We are the best listener, even we listen underwater carefully and completely, but you always listen half or less than half and take next step.
We can survive without food and water for up to ten months, but you eat always, keep eating and eating.
For movement; we jump, run, walk, swim, burrow , climb and gliding, but always only to the front , I never move back, but you move one step front but two steps backward.
You think, we are not defensive, you are wrong, we are very defensive species, we are always ready for defense, we have poison dart frog, that even could kill human being, not like you naive, you think that someone will defense you , you are wrong , no one defense you until you defense yourself . We are offensive and defensive.
We start our journey without leg but we develop leg as better tools in our body, but you do not even care about your body.
Our life /creation is successful, we are for; delicious food, for science research, especially for pharmaceutical research, or even our dead body recycle to fertile the soil for better rose in your garden, not like you, after your dead someone put fire in your mouth for your lie or someone will say he/she was a devil, greed or disgusting person had passed away.
In last we would like to tell you that, you are polluting the planet, especially the water, to make us Good buy from the Earth, but you know what, I will not be Good buy, you – all human beings will be a good buy from the Earth forever, for your Greed. But anyway, it is already late, you are sleepy,
Good Night, Good Buy, Reza “.