7 th March 1971 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a revolutionary Speech at Ramna Race Course in Dhaka, the major dialogue was: Our struggle is for our freedom. Our struggle is for our independence.

On 25 th March 1971, by the order of Tikka Khan Pakistani Army launched Operation Searchlight, start killing innocent sleeping Bengalis,

Tikka Ordered: “I want just the land no people “

The Liberation War breaks out.

All Bengali busted and join the liberation war, except the Razakars.

Freedom fighters went to the war field, with no arms, just with the Moral encourages, start defense and counter-attacks.

Before that

Scientific Socialism Revolution/war; broke out in Europe with Socialist or with labor party.

Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels landed in 1848.

Abolished Imperial command in Russia In 1861 and a four-year letter slavery declared unlawful in the United States.

First World War; broke out, due to poverty, not the proper distribution of wealth, Fuddle King’s torture and some other reason on from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918.

With the sacrifice of life, at list general people get some light, get some write, still, there were working to make an end of the Colonial system.

Russian Great October Revolution; broke out on 25 October 1917, when the King system was completely overthrown by Revolutionary, King and kings’ followers were killed, Socialist movement Start on the clock.

USSR formed on December 30, 1922, and starts its Journey towards Socialism.

Socialism start spread out to all over the World, the rise of socialism, its reflection start comes to British India and all over the world, where were any colony.

Second World War; broke out, because German got oppressed, Imperialism, Fuddle king’s, king’s stolen wealth, not properly land distribution, Colonial exploitation and more reason on September 1, 1939 end 1945.

Second World War, abolish the Colonial system.

After World War II, the United States secretly engaged in the practice too, the assassination of all foreign leaders, as they were coming out from the Colonial system. Like Kennedy’s paid Mafia, try to kill Fidel Castro five-time from 1960 to 1961, but all try have been failed and his Mafia keeps working across the Globe.

After that they start to change their pattern, they start doing Army Coup with that’s countries Army head to publicly elected leader.

The coup to Chili; US make successful Coup to Chili 9-11-1973, they started working on it 1970.

Korean War; Korea split into two in 1945, but the Korean War broke out, for Socialism and capitalism support, again broke up on June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953,

Allied Victory of World War II in 1945, end Japan’s 35 years of colonial Empire system in Korea, ( and part of China), split it into two. One side support Russia and another side support the US.

Vietnam War; was broke out in 1964 to 1975 more likely 1955 to 1975.

Cold World War; was continuing at the middle stage of; 1962 – 1979, start 1947 to 1991; it was for Capitalism and Socialism.

US aggression; was moving towards Lois, Cambodia, Timor, Cypress, Vietnam, Chili, Bangladesh, and all over the World.

Socialism shows a double door from freedom from the Colonial life of all Colonial Countries of the World.

1947 – (British) India got Independence from British Colonial rule

Civil war; start and India got spared it into two, Pakistan and India

Pakistani Army dictator ruler system rules Pakistan 1947 to 1971.

They called: East and West Pakistan.

Communist Party was formed; just after Indian Independence on March 6, 1948

Sheikh Maribor Rahman; win in 1971’s Election, but West Pakistan did not hand over the position.

Liberation war outbreak; in 1971.

Shipb Narayan Das; already cut, stitch, knit and made First national flag by the design and organized by NUCLEUS, on 2 March 1971.

The flag was first raised in Dhaka University on 2 March 1971.

Founder of Mother’s canteen Madhusudan Dey (Modhu) at Dhaka University was killed on 25 March 1971.

The largest number of executions of Bengali Intellectual people took place on 25 March 1971

War broke more brutally in Bangla; Muktti Joddaws already are struggling and fighting.

CIA ‘s pain killer, Father of War Criminal, Father Fucker Henry Kissinger – was in full swing to killing Bengalis in Bangla.

US Government gave declaration – full support to Pakistan for the war. A clear telegram came from the US to kill Innocent Bengali people.

Freedom fighters are getting more and stronger and equipped for defense and counter-attack.

Green Bangle became red, with the blood of Bengali People.

The Padma, Meghna, Jamuna –includes all rives watercolor got changed to red color, because of Bengalis blood,

Bengal’s air broke out with a rape cry by Pak Armies.

India flooded with Bengali refugees but they covert that refugee to Mukti Bahini, defense, and counter-attack training camps. Bengali people who got trained came come back to Bangla and starts the fight for Independency.

Indira Gandhi – try many many ways to stop the war, all diplomacy fails, because the US wants army ruling in Pakistan, they were also thinking, if India wins, then India will be more powerful, then Socialism will be stronger.

Mukti Juddahs are still fighting, but razzarks are looting, helping Pakis to rape…..

Indo – Pak war broke out; on 3 December 1971, after Pakistan launched preemptive air strikes on North India

Pakistan Start Operation Chengiz Khan on 3 December 1971, to 11 airbases of India.

Indian airbase damaged by Pakistani bombing

Taj Mohal got camouflaged by green leaf and cloths in 1971 again. And India totally is ready for World War III.

Counterattack; Karachi port is boomed and damaged by the Indian Navy. Indian army joins with the Bengalis Army, a joint attack on the Pak army in Bangla.

We are the verse of World War III, just maybe less than a half an hour difference

The world split into two;

One side

East Bengal, India, USSR (Russian – mainly)

And another side US, UK, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan.

Other countries were preparing.

Israel gave Guns to India, India pass that to Mukitti Joddah.

China starts testing its nuclear booms in Tibet, showing its muscle to India and others.

Mukitti Juddahs still struggling and are fighting, razakars are getting weaker day by day

Indira Gandhi sends a letter to USSR to protect India from the US, UK‘s joint attacks.

USSR – react writhe way, without any late, USSR join in the War, also ready for WWIII.

Immediately USSR sends threading letters to all, that USSR will attack any country if any foreign country takes the side of Pakistan.

The UK, – send Eagle – with nuclear head warship towards the Indian Ocean to the Bay of Bengal.

US – send seven fleets with 75,000 tones nuclear head, warship also toward the Indian Ocean to the Bay of Bengal.

Two superpowers got involved in this war with all nuclear heads.

War bell Ranged.

Bengali Birds are continuing fighting, BUT they don’t have any idea that what is going on that we are the verse of World War III.

Russian largest warship ( vessel ) from Vladivostok SEND toward to Indian ocean, to the Bay of Bengal with, 75,000 tons of nuclear war heard, an atomic submarine, the most powerful warship at that time in the Earth to the Bay of Bengal, at Bangla’s soil.

Russian warship arrived at the Bay of Bengal, and waiting, in-circle in the Bay of Bangle, like make a net, let the US come close to it and they can attack to them.

UK‘s on of the largest warship Eagle send from Madagascar to the Bay of Bengal, but UK navy/army sheet on pant, when they saw Russian war vassal in the Bay of Bengal and run away.

One of Nixon’s gunboat got destroyed before that, by Russian attack.

Situation getting little better towards to Bengali i

Birs are non stop fighting in Bangla ….

Russian warship was waiting for to American warship to come, they came, when they came Russian warship came out from the water, like ( Timi fish ) to show its muscle power, and US Navy saw that and US Captain Gordon send a telegram to Pentagon that we are late it is taken by Russians.

Admiral Vladimir Kruglokov captured that telegram

Indo -Park –war continues….

Mukti Judda is continuing

Turn come to war face to face war with US and USSR

Americans did not want to start the war against Russian, directly.

The UK, run away…

China gets off…

US, Pak Surrendered, in Bangla

Bengali Birs’ win

War Stop!

Over 93,000 Pakistani troops surrendered to join forces, making it the largest surrender since World War II.

On 16 December 1971, a new country came to the Earth from the WAR.

With all of its 9 months, struggles and war

The First country gets birth in the Earth, after the Second World War II.

With sacrifice over 5,000,000 tones of Bengali blood and 300009 sons of rape cry.

They name it BANGLADESH.