Reza-Sattar1Reza Sattar
was born in Faridpur, Bangladesh. During his childhood, he traveled across the different cities in Bangladesh. He completed his high school & college from Dhaka.

From an early age Reza was very passionate about the social movement to empower women, equality among different races and cultures, anti-corruption and rights for the poor. He got inspired when he joined the Russian Culture Centre in Dhaka to watch historical Russian movies. His immense interest in history made him move to Russia where he was awarded the Russian government scholarship for higher education. He finished his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering 1990.

Reza spent 17 years in Russia and then moved to the United States in 1998 and later to Canada in 2000. Since then, Reza has been involved in various kind of successful businesses such as – he was the CEO of “Ontario Civil Engineering Company”, based in Toronto till September 2015, after which his focus been in humanitarian social work such as his launch of “Reza Sattar Scholarship Program” and has been busy writing books and various other volunteering works He is also the Founder of “” – a Canadian nonprofit Group, in Canada.

Reza is actively involved in his non-profit association to “conquer poverty”, which is actively organizing social works like – leadership campaigns for youth, pre-teens, kids, Women Empowerment, Anti-Drug Campaign, Food bank etc. He coaches through his educational seminars on how the credit system creates poverty in Canada and worldwide. He believes that – Credit systems is the root cause of poverty. He considers himself a feminist writer and is part of Canadian Author Association.

He has widely traveled in search of the truth behind the mysterious causes of inequality in the society learning about the history and cultures. Reza have visited U.S, England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia and Argentina .

He has done intensive studies and the cause for wars such as Vietnam, Korean War, First and Second World War. Russian help to Bangladesh to become independent from Pakistan. His research on Henry Kissinger’s administration and Bongabandhu’s assassination in 1975. To further his research he has visited Germany 21 times to find out the real reason behind the Second World War. He believes that without the Second World War, India must still have been slave to the British rule; because the Second World War ended the British colonial rule forever.

During his study in Russia, he learnt about the socialist system in Russia which collapsed in front of his own eyes due to internal corruption within the government where United States and others invested billions of dollars to collapse that system. Reza is against black money, wars, corruption, brain drain, and anyone who supports such crimes. One such organisation that he completely believes should be seized is the Nobel Foundation. In his research he has found that — Nobel Prize is not given to worthy deserving people instead it is offered to the people who are corrupt and are part of conspiracies around the world. He says that “Nobel Foundation is a criminal organization that uses black money as an investment and help the rich countries to plot conspiracies against the poor countries.”

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