Intact Bangla

Intact Bangla

< Give my Bangla Back >

In my crowd,

35 % Muslim,

30 % Hindu,

35 % other.

We are together, so together even we do  DJ till Breakfast, till Branch time.

Why? Pick an answer.

1.​We shower with the same Sunlight?

2.​We put the same Moonlight blanket?

3.​We Breath with the same Air?

4.​We walk in the same Rain?

5.​We enjoy the same River? Or

6. We do not have any Political game or no Political Influence?


Why ?

Why ?

Because – But we are “as is “.

We are Bengali.

< It’s Bengali nature, all creation have own nature >

We love to live together and fight together, But we want Masjid Mandir and all religious Temple side by side.

We want to be side by side.

We want to listen Adan and We want to listen to Mandir Conch Shell Sound also too

Because – We are “as is “.

Leave us alone.

We want one undivided Bangla,

But not with someone.

We will be ok.

We have 13 festivals in 12 loner month’s year.

We born in the land of Radha – Krishna,

You understand what, I mean!

We don’t care .

< What   >?


< What > ?

Nothing .

We don’t need anyone.

Leave us alone .

One Nation.

One Language.

One Bangla.