Un unknown solder

Deprived Child:

I am a deprived child.

I am deprived of my Mother’s soil.

In the same way that a baby can be deprived of his/her own mother’s breast milk.

Or in the way that a forgotten city can be deprived of clean drinking water.

No one can touch my deprived heart.

No one can understand my deprived heart.

But all foreign Soil Soldiers, like me, can feel my heart only a little bit, what sacrifice I have done…

I have missed everything; I missed summer, winter, fall, and autumn…

Poverty has brought me to foreign soil,

to make my Mother soil at least poverty-free.

I have sacrificed everything to make my Mother soil poverty-free – and I did it.

To make my Mother soil poverty-free, I deprived myself of everything.

But now it is poverty-free, no poverty. Or at the list, I brought little food to everyone’s mouth ……

I sacrifice my teen, youth, and all time, in foreign soil …

I sacrifice myself life like a candle life until it disappears; I have given everything from my life whatever Gad gave me for poverty.

I have done my job.

I have sacrificed as a deprived soldier in foreign soil – but for too too long.

I cannot handle it anymore.

There is a deep pain in my heart; my heart is in my Mother’s soil all the time.

I am falling apart.

I did not want any award, and I do not want any award, it was my moral obligation to make my mother soil poverty-free & I did it.

I am an unknown national hero, silently worked for poverty ….

My roots are now very deep here in foreign soil. All the way I am totally sunk…

In my next life, I know that I won’t ever have to move out of my Mother soil anymore;

because at that time it will be a flourish and rich soil or world will change.

Or In case, at least I will be never ever lost again in the World.

But I am happy and successful, I give to my Mother soil peace, wealth, power, prestige, and tranquility, by sacrificing myself.

And my Mother soil is not deprived of anything now.

Un unknown solder