Hey, Moloch kick me;


nuclear energy  for the 42

damn dams. I need it, a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima /Nagasaki, in my early age I, thought how stink bombs from the Americans


, they stink nuclear bombs on Hiroshima

and Nagasaki,

they are evils

no devils,

but Nodee was showing me, how generous, they are.

I kept this mentality until my time.

Only this time,

I understand, what greasiest job that the American air morse has done on the earth, my thanks to that brave Paul Warfield Tibbets Jr sometimes

nuclear bombing will be justified, or more likely somebody needs to kick-off  

nuclear bombs,

nuclear bomb shattered the Japanese Empire ( torture ) to Korea, China and some other colonial territories,

Is there any possibility to negotiate that, to avoid the drop of these nuclear bombs or to end Japanese colonies in that terrorize? 


All negotiations failed,

I am so much anti-American with their foreign policy, but only one point I say that they have great


  , my thanks for this great

Ass .


Belongs more likely to Shyloty,

so nice, so pretty, so beloved, I cannot express about her, how pretty she is,

when she smiles, the whole world smiles; she shines, as a heavenly happy girl, every one loves


maybe she is the prettiest in  the Earth,              


poverty was killing me, in 75s there was no food for me, or even there was no food even for my beggars, there was no waste food even in the garbage bin,

I had to leave my country, later on,

but when I came back, I saw Surma is dead,

this happened, when I was absent,

water disordered, no water in her body, she became a skeleton, a dead body,

her the body became only sandy, sand and sand, no water,

my Shyloty friend says ;

Surma Miorrra gashe,“

people from the surrounding area, farmers and agriculture people moved out from there , now they live beside the railway as beggars or house slaves or local thieves .

Only human killer hungry trucks are looking for human flesh and bone, in her chest, for its hunger.

A man-made dam, killing me,

is there something for me to lose?

I lost everything;

I lost my most beloved,

I lost Surma!

I am a suicide bomber, like Hitler,

Hitler started the WW2, he could not win, but he gave freedom to all colonial people, WW2 abolished the colonial ruler of the Earth, is there any alternative to avoid that ww2, the answer is;-


I need nuclear energy, not one at least 42 of those,

do I care, anything, the answer is;-


I just need


 nuclear energy.  Hey, Molach give me


 of those so, I could tie them all over my body and became suicide boomer for damn dams,

my fish, bird, or villagers will get there nish back.


Reza Sattar