Second World War – The Freedom Movement

Is there anyone listening to me crying? I had been an opium slave for 200 years by British Empire in Bengal. When in 1757, Lord Clive took over the greater India, in 1760, I became British Opium slave. As a British slave I had produced opium all over Bengal day and night. At the gun point they made me produce opium. I had no life, I had no food, I had no shelter, I had no health, no education, and all my family and generation had no life. I was an opium slave, a slave for life! If we ever tried to revolt against them, they chopped our hands. No one came to our rescue and we were left defenseless. British built their Empire with my blood…

_44762780_44760372Till 1939 the whole world was taken over by the British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese and others imperial powers – The Slave Masters of the world. The Slave Masters sucked the slaves blood to grow their wealth. In 1847 Karl Marx Book “Communist Manifesto” about social movement began the new era to save the lives of slaves.

At that time the whole media was working for imperial powers. Most of the people living on Earth were in dark, they have NO idea how these imperial powers made money. Karl Marx book was revolutionary. It seemed like a book that came from heaven to earth to save the slaves.
This book talk my language – about my tears, my pain while I served as a British opium slave in Bengal. This led to the European people and the other world understand how the imperial power was growing its wealth by enslaving and abusing resources.

In Europe, there were only few rich people while the rest went poor. Germany and Italy went under depression. After that, the Russian revolution where Russia got rid of the Feudal King. But the King and there relative stole the national treasure and took shelter in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After that the stolen treasure from Russia was gone into Austro Hungarian Empire’s hand which created a hostile situation between the two empires and then Bolshivekov attacked Austro Hungarian Empire to chase their money back. Even after the First World War the British Empire did not free me, I was still their beast of burden to carry the British slavery.

Germany lost in the First World War and was forced to sign harsh terms for its survival which later ended up as the gunpowder to begin the Second World War. It gave me the freedom that me and my generation in Bengal has been looking for years.

bl6J3When the Second World War broke, the imperial powers had to call their soldiers back to protect their own countries. They called back their soldiers from India, Africa and all of their colonies around the world. England was bombarded by the Germans, so British recalled all their soldiers back to protect their own country. This gave us the opportunity to revolt and become free from the clutches of British Empire in Bengal.
Second World War made British, French and other imperial power so weak that they were not able to operate their imperial businesses across the world and many other countries got freedom.

Now I am free, I am no more a slave!

I am free now. I call the Second World War – The Movement of Freedom. The movement that brought peace and freedom to this whole world.
Look at me! I am free, totally free, completely free……………………. only now, I have the power to express whatever I wish to write!