Hush Hush Poppies

Hush; Hush; Poppies


Hush; Hush; don’t talk, I am growing Poppies here.

So, every one Hush, Hush!

It is in Afghanistan and dead end of the world,

It is covered by all hills, trails, no roads, no internet, no communication,

it is good and safe ;for transportation we use only pulling Donkey  card .

It is secured with my well trained, well dressed Chicks, here,

I make over 5 Billion dollars per year, here.

my Chicks are chicks ,

I need to feed them,

I need this colorful arena.

Hush; Hush; don’t talk,

I sale this poppies, here,

I sale it to all but communist players are most famous, here   .

They pay their slaves with pappies, to beat the manufacturer price down, there.

I win this trophy from Britishers’   ; it was a heavy game, now it is mine.

I am safe here no one can come here,

no media is here .

Hush; Hush; don’t talk.

This is hush pappies land,

land after land,

fertile like a 20’s girl but land .

I have the Afgans kids and slave families,

I already told them, who are there, enemy.

I already toughs them ;  A – for Allah; B- Bomb.

I will do anything, if needed

I will use anything but,

I have to keep this game alive.

I am the king here;

I am the king of this Land.

Without this arena both players will be gone ,

My   camouflage safe me, whole World knows that am teaching Talibans’.

Are you dumb?

Taliban’s are my slaves,

they are my Opium farmers!

Taliban produce pappies for me,

they are good for me.

Hush: Hush don’t talk, no one don’t know that

I am the largest Opium Dealer

Reza Sattar