Difference between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton – by Reza Sattar

Reza Sattar

Family life:-

Donald Trump: Have a nice, peaceful, happy family, with strong kids.

Hilary Clinton: Doesn’t have a peaceful family, Bill had sex scandal with Monica and ruthless kids.

Money and Wealth:-

Hilary Clinton: Is a poor lady with no money in her ass.

Donald Trump: Is rich and wealthy person.


Both are educated.

Criminal offence:-

Hilary Clinton:  Has steal tons of e- mails, other information. Involve in money laundering and more, a corrupt Political leader.

Donald Trump: have totally clean, polished and nice record, successful businessmen.


Donald Tramp is famous by himself.

Hilary Clinton: is become famous by Bill Clinton’s scandal.

Battle (small battle for example):-

Hilary Clinton: She took her, husband’s last name, so, like she sold her identity, loss the surviving battle.

Donald Trump:  Kept his father’s family/last name, as his last name, win the surviving battle.

What will be done by, if they win (conclusion):-

Hilary Clinton: Will organize to booms all US Embassy’s, organized military coup other countries, will create lots of terrorist  attack , inside all over the world ( except America itself ) , so ,  massive internal , civil war happed all over the World ,to sale the American weapons , all over the World   .She will make America survive by selling weapons . She hates Black people, so all jobs will be given Chinese or whoever it will be, just not to black American. America will be very poor .Worldwide war will happen.

Donald Trump: Is not a weapons dealer, he will reduce the selling of weapons in the World; he will try to make America survive without selling weapons. Black community will get the job inside of America, because he is a businessman also. American economy will be better. World will turn to Peace.

So, Decision is your!