Brother kills Brother

No more Cloud in the Sky

Bengali kills Bengali

Brother kills Brother

Bengalis ‘river became red with Bengalis Blood

Bengali wanted this Bangla

Nazrul, Subash Basu, Aurobindo Roy wanted this Bangla

Khudiram gave life for this Bangla

Muzub wanted this Bangla

We fought for this Bangla

Tagore wanted this Bangla

We want this Bangla


I want this Bangla FF

Political Greedy people make to kill

Bengali by Bengali

Brother by Brother

Political Greedy FF people

I will take off your body skin

Make my shoe off it

I will eat your row heart with Smirnoff

Stop killing

Stop Abusing


Bengali by Bengali

Bangla is one Bangla

All we are Bengali Its entire rainbow in the sky green grass field or all fishes in the water belongs to Bangla


Leave Bangla alone

Who cares if who we are

We are Bengali

My death to born – as Bengali

We will sort it out our self all problems

To escalate the racial issue

Stop escalating ethical issue

Stop fueling in Gasoline

Then you will see

No more clouds in the sky

There will be only

Mushrooms Clouds in the sky

FO from Bangla

Stop abuse Bengali for your F Empire

Why Bengali has to give life for your F Empire

Why my brothers have to give life by gunshot in his own border

Why even my Bengali innocent brother gunshot to death by non-Bengali for your

F Empire

Do I care you F Empire

Stop it

Bangla in mine

Bangla belongs to Bengali only

I will abolish your F Empire with

Bengalis BLOOD

Reza Sattar