my friend, Beno,

Is white Canadian, man with long braided beard.

He is a Muslim, he have long hair, long braided beard, he don’t eat Pork or don’t drink Alcohol, believe in God and can read Holy Quran, sometime donate Quran also, so, he is Muslim.

But he like Buddha, like Buddhism, he visits the Buddha’s temple, he don’t kill animal same as Buddha, even don’t eat animals, and he talks like Buddha, so, maybe he is Buddhist?

He says;  at night his soul goes to sky ,  Kali , Durga or Pārbati  , he knows  them all  , he don’t eat beef , just  drink cow milk , he said it is his second life , in his  first lifelong long time ago he was Peacock , that’s why he spend 15 years in that tropical region , try to find himself in peacock ‘s life , try to match soul to soul , temple to temple , year after year ,  day after night , night after day , year after year , up to 15 years ,   so, only now he came back from that region to Canada, so maybe he is Hindu?

Wait , not really he is Jews by birth as he said ,he born in Jews family here in Canada  , but he don’t believe this  Torah  , he says it is copied from somewhere ,also changed , so , may be still he is Jews ?

He is Christian , because he believe in Jesus Crest , he carry Jesus  Crest ; Chain , locket , t- shirt , lots of souvenirs , and he believes  Jesus Crest , as a prophet  , so , maybe he  is Christen ?

His female Fellowes carries Kirpans and he likes it,

my friend  Beno

with long braided beard, with ten Gurus so , so, maybe he is Sikh?

Hey, wait; he is Alien, because time to time, some times, he disappears- so,

where he disappear?

So, maybe he is Alien ?

I think he must be a –the –ist, because he likes this nature, he believes this Mother Nature also !

But, he is Very  Very busy , doesn’t have time, bills to pay……..

Actually who is he,

my friend Beno ?

Reza Sattar