Because of 13

Because of 13


Not many 13th floors.

Not many 13th floors’ lift, even.

Not many houses or buses number of 13.

Here in Canada.

People want to escape this number 13.

It is Demon’s number.

Demons can possess to this number.

Today is 2016, December’s 13 th day.

Today, I wrote this poem, I was waiting for this day.

Let’s see, if Demon can possess to this poem’s birth day.

Today, Bizlee is 13 years old girl,

a pretty pre- teen girl ,

recently starts  her monthly  ,

at the age of 13 her dream shattered .

Dream to be a Doctor,

Dream to be a Teacher.

One day notice, she has to get married with Shamol,

an experienced boy, making money , 25 years of old Shamol ,

he want a virgin, but –


Shamol is experienced,

(I mean, there is a Brothel house in the corner of the City,

Shamol is a permanent customer over there),

he need virgin ,but


Bizlee is perfect for this,

Bizlee is only 13.

Because of age difference and lives,

he thinks  that he can ordain Bizlee up to 7th  lives .

Bizlee’s parent thinks that they find a proper husband.

If she loves someone, then she will be thrown out from the society.

No one will marry her,

up to 7th  lives .

So, better give her marry.

It’s not Bizlee’s choice,

the , society’s choice  .

Marriage happened with 7 turns.

So, she will be a wife, up to her 7th lives, for Shamol.

then , they demeaned  her up to parent’s house of Shmaol ,

and over there -she start house hold jobs from 6 am morning,

Cooking, Cleaning and All sorts of house hold jobs up to at 10 pm evening.

A  nonstop job for every day.

Even she doesn’t know, how many people she takes care every day,

may be 7 peoples ,

as it was 7 turns .

If she falls asleep at noon her Mother in law kicks her back to awake up and make her start doing house hold jobs, she is always 1/3 hungry and she will be staying hungry up to 7th lives.

Every 7 days she got 13 times raped by Shamol,

at 13 she got pregnant and give birth a boy from Shamol .

Cannot breastfeed , no milk.

Boy has no nutrition, or other milk.

She says “I have nothing in my body.

What I can give to this boy, for his body.

My boy is always hungry “.

She got Fistula.

Life continuous –            –            –            –          –         –         –          –          –          –          –         –         –

Her dream shatters, 1/3 off it.

She don’t want to be a Doctor or Teacher any more,

but she remember that  .

If she was not married then,

she will be sold by her parents , and resale by Gangs   ,

to Calcutta Brothel house for

1300.00$ –  the max.

If her parents will not sale her, then she will be stolen by Gangs,

and, she will be sold , any way, for

1300.00$ -the max .

Calcutta Brothel House paid -the max.

At the Brother house, life,

she will be sex slave for life ,

up to 7th  lives .

A sex slave for life.

At Brothel house she got raped every day up to 13 times.

Her money is taken by her owner.

Because of Demon possessed her as she is


If not then she will be transport to urban city as a house slave,

house maid, house cleaner or house sex slave ,

her name will be changed to Shokina

up to  7th  lives ,

Her job will be start at 6 am until 12 midnight as a slave,

up to 7th  times of her lives, with her believe, or as a domestic sex slave.

Just for food and shelter.

If any cup, glass breaks anytime,

then, she will be beaten  ,up to 13 times .

If she do not want to work then, they will blamed her as a thief,

and she will be hand over to police ,as a thief ,

and again she will be beaten  up to 13 times , as a thief .

If she goes to Police Station then,

she will be beaten , raped  by jailers up to 13 times .

Life continues          –            –            –            –          –          –         –          –          –          –          –        –         –

Her Dream, has been shattered- completely,

Dreams shattered up 7th times of lives.

Now, even she completely doesn’t remember weather at some time she wanted to be a Teacher or something………….

Because of 13.

(Reza Sattar)