Hang Me ( Poem )

Hang Me ( Poem )

Hang me from the front of my throat.
Hang me in front of the whole world.
If not then shoot me.
Shoot my middle of four heard or
Shoot my heart.
I will give you a necked chest to shoot.
Don’t miss.
Don’t wait,
Shot my chest.
Shot……………Me ….
Give my meat to raccoons to eat, or
give me nuke,
Many many nukes.
I cannot handle it anymore.
Madi is 18.
A Beautiful teen Girl
Born in Toronto.
One of the Richest City in the world.
Why we have so many empty buildings?
Warm inside but
Why, Why, Why, Why, why, why, why, why, why ….?
But Madi is homeless.
In winter,
winter after winter ….
-25 ° Celsius.
Not only Madi, but there are also
40 % of youths are Homeless here in Toronto.
She is living in the bus station or
Street manholes.
Street Manhole has little warned Air.
People offer her shelter, but
to be someone’s as “ Sugar Girl “ or
to suck something …or
to swallow something…
Even stripers Clubs don’t hire her.
This the world we live in?
This is the education we got?
This is our pride?
This is our Toronto?
This we learn in Universities or Schools?
This is the world we build?
This is the people we are?
This is our Identity?
This is our Toronto?
This is our Toronto?
Give Nuke, lots of nukes or.
Shoot Me or.
Hang Me.
< Corporate Elite, Political People, Doctor or Who Ever…>
You are fake.
You produce fake documentation to be Rich.
You don’t pay the tax.
You lie to become Political Leader.
You Lawyers lie in Court to be rich.
You businessmen, sell weapons to the Middle East.
You Communist, give the drug to your own people.
You just get the Taxpayers’ money as salary,
Week after week…….
You are Stupid.
You are Father Fuckers
or mothers.
Same thing.
< Hey,
God show me your face
I will stab your face >
I am mad.
I am out of control.
I am furious forensic.
I am a dame.
I am a killer.
I am dementia.
I am Ruthless.
I am a Moloch.
Give me.
Nuke or
Hang Me or
Shoot Me.
Hang meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .
Reza Sattar